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With everyone's busy lifestyles, the days of meeting down at the coffeeshop are few and far between, if at all. Coffee Shop Chatter is a website aimed at providing a place to stop in to get a little interesting information for your day. It is inspired, in part, by the closure of many local newspapers across the country. As a result, the main features will include various short articles to engage readers. The pages are designed for simplicity with straightforward site navigation and easy to read print.

As the site grows, so too will the collaboration amongst Regulars at Coffee Shop Chatter including sharing of trips, recipes, health and wellness tips, articles, stories and editorial content.

We look forward to an exciting start to this site and work to provide a daily destination to peak your interest. Please check in to see the latest updates and look for an email version to be released in the coming months.

Thanks for visiting.

The Coffee Shop Maven


maven: one who is experienced or knowledgeable

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