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Richard Warren Sears was a railroad station agent in North Redwood, Minnesota when he received an impressive shipment of watches from a Chicago jeweler which were unwanted by a local jeweler. Sears purchased them himself, sold the watches for a tidy profit to other station agents up and down the line, and then ordered more for resale. Soon he started a business selling watches through mail order catalogues. The next year, he moved to Chicago, Illinois where he met Alvah C. Roebuck, who joined him in the business.In 1893, the corporate business name became Sears, Roebuck and Co. Mail order catalog.

Before the Sears catalog, farmers typically bought supplies (often at very high prices) from local general stores. Sears took advantage of this by publishing his catalog with clearly stated prices, so that consumers could know what he was selling and at what price, and order and obtain them conveniently. The catalog business grew quickly.

The first Sears catalogue was published in 1888.

and so it began......


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Mail order appliances.

oven-clipartWho’d have thought it? Buying major appliances is a big decision and one you are reminded of every day when you use them. They are generally expensive items with a variety of features, brands, model names & numbers that vary from store to store. Confused yet?

Where to buy from is another issue, big box retailer, local appliance store or even how about online. It seems like an improbable place to buy appliances from, but in actuality it may make a lot of sense depending upon your situation.

Simply use a search engine to find online appliance retailers. On-line shopping affords you the access to detailed product information, consumer reviews and the ability to rapidly compare prices from multiple sources. Shifting through this information can take some time but it is more convenient that taking to the roads for a bunch of store visits. At minimum, it will allow you to compare appliances at various outlets to see who might have the best sales locally.

Once you've narrowed your choices, then visit a single outlet and look over appliances to finalize your decisions. At this time it might be a good idea to see if the store will match the pricing you found online.

The final advantage of online shopping for appliances is that you typically are not subjected to sales tax and the delivery is part of the price. In short, prices are generally lower and most retailers will charge you for home delivery. Buying appliances online might not be for everyone but it is definitely worth a try.

I think Richard Sears had the right idea.

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