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Rabbits and parrots are the only two animals that can see behind them without turning their heads.

In the early days of film making, people who worked on the sets were called movies. The films were called motion pictures.

A hippopotomus can run faster than a man.




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One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

William Feather




If traveling, this is a good start to seeing how your trip is affected


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Ideas for the spring and a quick break from winter visuals.

Moab, Utahmoab mesas

Moab is a great spot to go and get lost for a while. It boasts incredible scenery and a casual atmosphere catering to the outdoor type. Bring your mountain bike, jeep, hiking shoes or just a camera and take in all the area has to offer. Moab is an eclectic town surrounding by some of the most gorgeous scenery the eye can imagine. The views of the red rock and mesas all around are simply stunning and when the sun hits the rocks they are truly wonderful.

Close to the La Sals mountains, Moab is truly a destination spot for people who love the outdoors. The nearest airport is Salt Lake City about 240 miles away. If you are flying there, be prepared for the 4 ½ hour drive to get there.

Mornings are a buzz in Moab with hikers, bikers and Jeepers preparing for a day on the trails. The bike shops see a flow of enthusiastic riders looking for shuttle service to the trail head, renting bikes, or merely browsing for a new piece of gear. Shops like Chile Pepper Bike Shop and Poison Spider Bike Shop, in the downtown area, are well stocked and always ready to offer advice on the surrounding trails. They also have full service repair shops and after a day on Porcupine Rim trail you may find yourself in need of a good bike mechanic.

For those looking for a slower pace, Arches National Park is a must see for the sheer beauty of Moab. The landscape is truly amazing and there are some easy walking trails and roadside viewing points to take in all the sights. Canyonlands is also worth a look, though we didn’t make it out there given that we were focused more on the biking and trail rides during the day. However, either park makes for a great day and again, a must see in Moab.

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A great source for further information www.discovermoab.com

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