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2005 - Hurricane Wilma becomes the most intense Atlantic hurricane on record with a minimum pressure of 882 mb

2003 - Mother Teresa is beatified by Pope John Paul II

1991 - Longest NCAA football game (3:52) as RI beats Maine 52-30 (6 OTs)

1987 - "Black Monday" Dow Jones down 508.32 points, 4½ times previous record

1968 - Golden Gate Bridge charges tolls only for southbound cars


1967 - Amy Carter, Pres Carter's daughter/peace activist

1962 - Evander Holyfield, Atmore Ala, boxer (Oly-bronze-1988)/champ (1990-92)

1945 - John Lithgow, Rochester NY, actor

Think about it....

People can cry much easier than they can change.

James Baldwin


Brit Speak....

Pip pip, cheerio and all that rot: "Cheerio" or "Cheers" is still used to mean "goodbye". Cheers is also a minor version of "Thanks".

Bob's your uncle - This is a well used phrase. It is added to the end of sentences a bit like and that's it!

Rubbish - The stuff we put in the bin. Trash or garbage to you. You might also accuse someone of talking rubbish.


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Solve the riddle: What has rivers but no water, cities but no buildings and forests but no trees?

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Things we like: bike



"Nothing compares with the simple pleasure of a bike ride" – John F. Kennedy

There are many reasons why people take to the streets, parks or trails to enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bike. Some refer to it as “cycling” or “shredding” but there is nothing wrong with just a good old fashioned bike ride. The health benefits are terrific and it is low impact for the joints. It also gives you a great dosage of fresh air, something many of us are lacking. To others it is part of comprehensive exercise program as many train on the roads and trails for competitive riding. Still, there is nothing better than a gentle ride around the neighborhood with the kids or the grandkids. There is yet the other benefit of commuting to reduce traffic congestion and lesson the burden on the environment.

More and more people are taking bikes for vacationing, commuting and just for fun. Riding groups are popping up all over the country where people of all levels can get together and enjoy biking. Here is an interesting link you can checkout to find bicycle clubs in your area: peteandedbooks.com

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