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Shoeshoes sizes depend on the weight of the user:

-21" length - 80-150lbs

-25" length 130-180 lbs.

-30" length 150-215lbs

-36" length 220+lbs.






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While those who never have tried this sport may think this is "just a walk in the park", it actually is a lot more. First off, dress in layers (avoiding cotton, which once wet will stays wet and gets heavy and cold). Gaiters will help keep snow out of your boots, but aren't necessary and any waterproof winter or hiking boot will work fine.

"Snowshoeing is a great low-impact aerobic exercise that burns more calories than running or walking at the same speed. You can burn anywhere from 400-900 calories per hour doing this sport, depending on the terrain, speed and whether poles are used.

Any aerobic exercise will strengthen your heart and increase your stamina. You will also feel the effects in your legs, as your hip flexors, quadriceps and calves get a workout. Adding poles will strengthen the muscles in your back, shoulder and arms. To top it off, a jaunt in the snow is a great stress reliever." source

There are a few different types of snow shoes to choose from based: Recreational snowshoes are the most common since they handle the widest variety of terrain. Mountaineering snowshoes are your choice, if you enjoy breaking new trails on soft, deep snow. These are typically longer and wider than recreational snowshoes and can handle the additional weight of a fully loaded backpack. Believe it or not, there are running snowshoes if you plan on adding a little twist to your running regime. Typically shorter and narrower than other models of snowshoes, they are designed for high-performance exercise. source

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