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Today's Word Jumble
Rearrange letters to form four words: Average Puzzle Score=2 Correct

Word Jumble


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Today's Vocabulary Quiz
Match each of the 3 Bolded
words below with its meaning:

Vocabulary Words

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You may play online or print out (once puzzle is open, choose BLANK under the print options) You aren't able to save a puzzle in progress so print out a Partial puzzle if you'd like to shut out of the application and return later. ENJOY!!!

question mark



Number the switches 1, 2 & 3.

Switch on number 1 for 1 minute, then switch it off. Switch on number 2. Go in to the room...

The light that is on is connected to switch 2. The light that is off and warm is connected to switch 1. The light that is off and cold is connected to switch 3!!